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With one accord to international 365 #fastfortheclimate, the Kenyan fasters have shown interest to add voice to this call by fasting from the 1st of August 2015, at the beginning of Africa region fasting, to the 30th of September 2015, 61 fasters successively fast for one day in 47 counties of Kenya -that is, refrain from food during a whole day, or at least one meal. This chain of fasting is on going from Nairobi, to other counties and back on 29th & 30th September 2015 when 61 county fasters gather. The 61 county fasters will successively fast in all counties together with other people in their counties. The 61 Fasters will gather on 22nd to 25th September 2015 and joined with invited delegates to be gathering of 300. This will be inline with worldwide gathering of change makers during United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on 25th to 30th September 2015.

On 24th September 2015 - the evening before leaders meet in New York to adopt the new Global Goals - citizens around the world will come together to #LightTheWay and call on leaders to turn the Goals from a words on paper into real change. To do this, world leaders must make bold commitments at the UNGA to implement the Goals. Then they must also use the COP21 later Paris to start to turn these plans into a reality. By coming together on September 22nd to 25th we can show the world leaders just how many people want action and urge them not to waste this unique opportunity!


Fast For the Climate in Kenya:

The founder of Green Sun Cities, Benedict Muyale, joined the international 365 #fastfortheclimate and will be fasting on 14th September 2015. In this line, he requested the international office to allow other Kenyans to join him during the Africa region fasting. This is to allow #fastfortheclimate to go around the 47 counties of Kenya.



People from all walks of life are fasting to stand in solidarity with vulnerable people who are most affected by dangerous climate impacts. By choosing not to eat on the first day of every month, a growing movement of fasters including many youth groups, environmentalists and faith communities, is calling for world leaders to act to confront the climate crisis.


The fasters will be joined by dignitaries, citizens, artists and representatives of different organizations, societies and our government to mark the #LightTheWay Event on 24th September, 2015 at 3:00 pm at the Freedom Corner, Nairobi. Being on the eve of UN Summit, we will celebrate our planet and embrace Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will mark these SDGs by a vigil at the Freedom Corner and later to the symbolic house for decision-making in Kenya, the parliament. Under theme #LightTheWay, fasters and other citizens will carry messages of our hope on our planet, call to action and symbols of light.


  • Being in solidarity with the victims of climate change;
  • Calling for progress and a meaningful outcome at the COP21 meeting;
  • Raising awareness on climate change;
  • Standing together, secular and religious actors, in the face of climate change;
  • Increasing the visibility of the #fastfortheclimate campaign at the local levels;
  • Creating #fastfortheclimate group in Kenya;
  • Involving new secular organizations and new faith traditions;
  • Strengthening the global communion of fasters.


This ongoing fast seeks to send a message to governments that people from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe, expect climate action. Already, millions of people have lost their homes and their livelihoods as a result of climate change. Yet government action remains profoundly inadequate and fails to secure the benefits a clean energy revolution would deliver for people and the planet. The time to solve the crisis is now: we expect countries to cut carbon pollution and to secure a renewable energy supply. We expect richer countries to help poorer nations reduce their own pollution and adapt their communities to climate impacts, while we urge all world leaders to work together in order to ensure the planet is a safe and better place for future generations.



We will fast on the first day of every month, until countries agree a comprehensive, fair climate action plan that puts the world on a pathway to phase out carbon pollution.



Currently, people from over 90 countries from every continent are fasting together each month. The 47 counties 61 fasting chain calendar - The chain will travel two months within Kenya from 1st August to 30th September 2015 in 47 counties.

light the way Nairobi

Join thousands of Kenyans in a rally that will converge on Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park. Come along to hear community and national champions and famous faces talk about the importance of the Global Goals to Kenya and witness a dazzling light show and inspiring cultural performances.




Allen Ottaro


Benedict Muyale

Green Sun Cities

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Stand with thousands of others fasting for action on climate change. A growing movement of youth, environmentalists and people of faith are showing their strength of commitment by going without food once a month to call for world leaders to do more to solve the climate crisis. Show your support.


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